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Enjoy Unforgettable unique experiences with a literary travel App with endless location-based stories & journeys set in places generated from books, poetry, movies or music.

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Every place has unique stories and Mappo enables you to discover the most interesting ones at destination.

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MAPPO’s technology provides operational flexibility to its customers and partners, creating the most adequate user-experience.
By understandings the diverse needs of the automotive market, travel industry and smart cities, Mappo offers a wide range of options – from API integration in cloud services to a stand-alone application in app stores.

Mobile & Car Application

Mappo is a location-based real-time culture, literary and local heritage stories and journeys travel application.


Discover your surrounding and create a personalized journey


Plan to follow the most popular journeys & our editor’s pick, so you won’t miss a thing


Listen To stories while driving, cycling, or walking


Save to favorites & share citations from unforgettable scenes or song quotes


Join our community and add stories and journeys you love


Whether you are a leading brand, a corporate organization, a startup, or a developer, Mappo.API allows you to take advantage of our huge geolocation culture-oriented POI data.
Our state of the art Algorithm harvests quotes from multiple sources enabling us to cover any city’s culture-oriented POIs.

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Mappo.API is the right solution for your business demands and your customer’s needs:


Do your marketing channels need interesting and inspiring local culture-oriented content? Mappo can help you create personalized high-quality destination POIs.
Whether you are a travel agency, a booking application, hotel, museum or any other local business, if you want to increase any location’s appeal and interest or enhance  users experience, Mappo is the solution. Our content allows you to combine dynamic, curated geo-location POI’s layer.


Travel & Tourism

Our unique technology allows you to offer your customers a highly enriched travel experience. We offer businesses (website/ apps) personalized routes and localized culture-oriented POIs, to inspire potential customers, to extend their APP experience and add interest to their visit. 
Customers can follow the Sherlock Holmes route in London or visit Paul Auster protagonist in Manhattan, and football fans can enjoy Nick Hornby’s famous “Fever Pitch” Each POI includes a short audible quote, related information, links to other books of the author, and links to other POIs related to the place.


Offer your locals and visitors curated routes to follow and explore your city’s heritage and legacy. Turn your city’s culture into a layer on the map and offer both your citizens and tourists a complete digital guide of the city’s authors, famous stories, music, plays, or movies that took place there.

About Us

Mappo creates a map layer of location-based culture-oriented content, for a unique and interesting travel experience that allows users to explore destinations at its best.
Our vision was born out of love for stories, history, folklore and literary heritage to reveal every place’s uniqueness.
Our unique AI engine scans books, podcasts, lyrics, and text source creates an unlimited library of POIs and quotes associated with a location.
This algorithm is differentiated by its ability to recognize the paragraphs that mention a specific location and prioritizes the results in a way that offers the user the most applicable and inspiring content.
We strive to shake-up the way we explore, to enrich the way we travel the world, and to add a fresh new dimension to it that never existed before.

Awards winning startup

Awards winning startup


Our Team

Deddi Zucker

Serial entrepreneur focusing on digital content. After serving as a member of Israeli Parliament for 13 years Zucker gained a deep understanding of the startup world during 20 years of experience. Zucker started Mappo with the vision of engaging the entire culture heritage, on it’s real location.

Sharon Epshtein​
Co-founder, Marketing & Product

A Digital woman with wanderlust disease. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, advertising and PR in organizations and private companies, and owner of a Digital marketing agency, Sharon joined Mappo as a co-founder and marketing manager from it’s early days. Based in Tel aviv, but exploring the world through its literature.

Omri Cohen​

A seasoned technology director with business orientation and wide experience in Technology Architecture and Product Management focusing in the Healthcare Industry. Omri holds a BCS in computer science (Ben-Gurion University) and MA in Psychotherapy (Lesley University) focusing on Expressive Therapies, investigating the encounter between the mind and the soul, passionate about true artificial intelligence and the power of big data.

Prof. Ariel (Arik) Shamir
AI Specialist

Arik is a professor of computer science, serving as dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya. A visual computing & NLP expert.

Yael Viesel​
Business development

Former EVP of Business Development and sales with leading companies in the automotive business. Yael Holds a BSc in Computer science and Mdes in design and technology. Yael brings her experience in translating trends and global moves to business opportunities. Tying connections and matching the offering to these opportunities is her added value to the team. The book that had the most impact on me was “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. What started as an adventure book for me turned to be a fascinating peek to a different way of thinking on the nature of the human kind.

Jens Baron
Product Lead

Jens is the Product Lead at Mappo, responsible for leading the innovation and growth of the company’s products.He has 20 years of experience in building state of the art experiences for automotive and mobile. In his previous roles, Jens served as Product Lead, In-Car Applications for Waze at Google Israel, where he lead the vision of the Waze Platform Partnerships with OEMs, Audio Apps, Broadcasters and Ride-Hailing Apps.

Oran Eldor
Head of audio and sound design

Coming from the entertainment industry, Oran is a storyteller through sound. Oran composed, conducted and orchestrated music for Disney, New York Philharmonic, L.A. Philharmonic  and many more. His original musical “Mythic” played in London and Montreal. Based in New York. Oran brings his expertise to Mappo’s in– car and mobile unique experiences.

Aviv Menachem
Product Designer

Creative and detail-oriented product designer with vast experience in UX/UI, motion graphics and web design. Aviv has extensive experience in executing digital marketing assets, enhancing user experience and crafting eye-catching visual.

Danit Yeshayahu
NLP Developer

Design and develop natural language processing systems. Find and implement the right algorithms and tools for NLP tasks and find appropriate datasets. Danit holds a B.Sc in computer science and linguistics (Hebrew University) and is currently pursuing her M.Sc in computer science in NLP (Bar-Ilan University). Specialist in Hebrew NLP and passionate about linguistics and languages.

Itamar Givati
AI Developer

Hernesing AI solutions for linguistic and general problems. Taking part in Mappo’s AI team, working on AI of NL.
Itamar holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Tel Aviv University).

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Mappo is located in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.
You are more than welcome to call us, write or come visit.
Mappo, 62 Nachmani st. Tel Aviv, Israel +972-525249798

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